Ready to Make a Good Impression?

Ready to make a good impression
First impressions matter, especially when you’re going to a job interview. That’s why here at Opticall, we’ve created a reputation among our peers about ensuring professionalism in every step of the way, including our dress code.

But, what does business attire means? One thing is clear: dressing in shorts, ripped jeans, tank tops, t-shirts or short dresses is not appropriate. And always, when in doubt, it’s better to be on the safe side and dress formally rather than too casual.

Men can wear some khaki pants, chinos or slacks, button-down shirts, long sleeve shirts, cardigans or sweaters, leather shoes, but not sneakers and, definitely not flip-flops. Women can also wear button-down shirts, long sleeve shirts and cardigans, chinos or slacks, they can also wear skirts and dresses at an appropriate length, blouses but no spaghetti straps, flats, closed-toe shoes, or peep-toe shoes.

Things to consider:

    • During job interviews, it’s best if you opt for the more formal version of the dress code because you want to make a good impression. Remember to avoid clothing with logos or potentially offensive words, it’s best to wear solid colors.

    • Quality over quantity, when dressing, either for your first job interview or your last, one good accessory is going to impress your interviewer more than a lot of it.

    • Remember, first impressions matter, that’s why it’s important to dress the part for the job you’re applying because how you present yourself counts.

  • But the most important thing is to walk into the interview with a positive image of yourself and a friendly attitude. Believe in yourself and your abilities, focus on what’s inside and do your best.