Gary Rivera - Business System Manager
Gary Rivera - Business System Manager

My name is Gary Rivera, I am the Business System Manager at Opticall BPO. I am in charge of the development of all types of business solutions, process automation, security, applications, high availability, technology infrastructure, and database management. I declare myself passionate about my work, and I understand that all triumphs and victories are the collaboration of the excellent people around me in this company.

When I joined the family in January 2018 I was hired to administer the company's databases, but due to strong technological changes, the opportunity was given to create a new department full of talented, excellent, proactive and diligent young people with a lot of commitment in their work. Our environment allows us to develop software in all programming languages, work with the most important database management systems in the market, deploy cloud services with Azure and Amazon Web Services, and develop interactive data visualization products.

What I like most about my job is the healthy and stable environment. Every day is a lot of learning and our opinion is always recognized in important decisions related to technology and security, along with the experience of working in dynamic environments and cultural exchange working with people of different nationalities, make your stay in the company a delight. We are always innovating and optimizing our processes and striving for excellence in favor of the Opticall family.